Love Story Video

Love Story Experience

Selecting a Videographer

It’s hard to capture all of the emotion that comes with a new relationship. It’s even harder to remember it after two years, five years or fifty years of marriage. We want to help you remember the moment you fell in love for the rest of your life. Love stories aren’t uncommon, but your love story is unique. 


If you are interested in booking a Love Story shoot, please give me a call at 313-870-7482. 

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Tips for a Spectacular Video

Do your makeup slightly more exaggerated than you would for everyday wear. The camera tends to erase a lot.

Wear something casual and comfortable. 

Bring a couple of different outfits. 

Think about the special moments in your relationship that you want to highlight before coming to the shoot. 

Special Requests

I am always open to special requests or circumstances you may have. Please give me a call if you have an questions or would like to discuss something specific with me: 313-870-7482.