Selecting a Photographer

A headshot is one of the first impressions that a casting director will have of you. That is why getting headshots that reflect who you are as an actor or model is essential to booking the gig. 

Because a casting director is the one who will have a major influential role on your success as an actor, it’s important to choose a photographer who knows what they are looking for. 


I studied Media Arts and was a casting director for many projects while attending school. I have extensive experience evaluating talent and all of the different aspects involved with the casting process. 


Also because I believe you shouldn’t be held back by your financial situation, I offer single photo session where you can just get one photo if that is all you can afford. I wish you the best of luck in your acting & modeling adventures. 

If you are interested in booking a photo session, please give me a call or send me a text.href=”tel:313-870-7482″>313-870-7482  

If you are curious about pricing of headshots, click here

Tips for Headshots Photo Session

  • Bring clothes that don’t have small patterns, you don’t want to distract from your face. 
  • Have some roles in mind. If you have an upcoming audition for a specific part, make sure you know about the part before coming to the photo shoot. If you don’t have an upcoming audition, try to think about the kind of roles you are considered for or are interested in auditioning for. I will tailor your headshots photo session to match the roles you are interested in pursuing. 
  • Just be yourself. Try to relax and have fun. There is no pressure. I take tons of pictures in every shoot and choose the one that reflects you the best. There is no need to stress or worry during photo soots with me. I can’t wait to capture YOU.

Special Requests

I am always open to special requests or circumstances you may have. Please give me a call if you have an questions or would like to discuss something specific with me: href=”tel:313-870-7482″>313-870-7482.